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Cut the Cord and Stream: Why Online Television is the Future of Entertainment

Streaming: The Future of Television

Television has always been a staple of modern living, providing entertainment, information, and companionship for many people in their daily lives. Television broadcasting has developed from analogue to digital transmission and from cable and satellite to internet-based streaming. Today, streaming services offer a comprehensive and personalized TV experience, providing the perfect opportunity for individuals to cut the cord from cable and satellite providers.

What is Cut the Cord?

Cut the cord is a metaphor for the severing of ties between a viewer and their Cable TV or Satellite TV service provider. When viewers cut the cord, they choose to consume their TV content via the internet instead. As streaming services continue to disrupt the industry, it is those who choose to have an internet-only service provider and consume their favorite shows online that are at the forefront of the latest changes in television.

Why Online Television is the Future of Entertainment

The popularity of online television services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon has grown exponentially over the last few years. This is primarily because consumers want to watch what they want when they want – a level of flexibility is hard to come by with traditional TV providers. In fact, Netflix alone has over 209 million subscribers globally and has become synonymous with streaming TV content online. Moreover, Disney+ surpassed 103 million subscribers in June 2021, and HBO Max has over 50 million subscribers globally.

Online television has revolutionized the way in which television is distributed and consumed. Unlike traditional television, streaming allows for the distribution of individual, independent content creators and not just large-scale media companies. It offers viewers real-time access to recent shows, movies, sports events, and current affairs. Additionally, it eliminates commercials, a major benefit for viewers as they no longer need to sit through advertisements to watch their favorite shows or movies.

The Advantages of Online TV Services

There are several advantages to watching television shows and movies online. Firstly, an internet connection is all that is needed to access online television. Unlike Cable TV or Satellite TV, which requires complicated and expensive installation of cabling and equipment, streaming TV services can simply be accessed on a computer, tablet, phone, or smart TV after the internet connection is established.

Secondly, the fees for online TV campaigns vary, which means that people have options that meet their budgets. Some streaming services even offer unlimited viewing of their entire library of content for a small monthly fee. Furthermore, the pay-per-view option, where the viewer pays to watch a specific show or movie, has been added to some streaming services in response to viewer demand. This flexibility of payment options has not only made online TV accessible to a broader range of people, but it is has also made it a feasible option for many.

Thirdly, the fact that streaming services worldwide offer programming that is completely ad-free means that viewers aren’t interrupted by annoying and unnecessary TV commercials. This not only improves the viewing experience, but it also opens up new opportunities for advertisers to promote their products through endorsements and other channels.

Online Television vs Traditional TV

Streaming services offer viewers greater flexibility and a personalized viewing experience compared to traditional TV. Here are some of the key differences between the two:

Selection and Customization

Streaming services offer viewing of a far greater quantity and diversity of shows than traditional TV. They offer flexibility to viewers who pick what they want to see and when to watch it. This eliminates the need to invest in on-demand TV services where the viewers pay additional fees for individual movies and shows.

Availability and Accessibility

Traditional TV typically provides accessibility to a limited number of TV channels, while streaming services can offer global programming. Additionally, TV services can be limited by geography, meaning viewers are restricted to watching only the shows that are broadcast in their region. Hence, if you want to watch entertainment from all over the world, online TV can be a viable alternative.

Quality and Reliability

Online TV provides the best digital picture quality possible. Streaming technology is so advanced that it delivers high-quality resolution video compared to the limited resolution of traditional TV. This technology strengthens the viewer’s ability to enjoy an immersive TV experience that feels more realistic, detailed, and lifelike to the viewer.


With traditional TV, there is no guarantee of which TV channels the viewers will use, meaning they can end up having to pay for channels that they’ll never watch. In contrast, online TV services entail paying only for what you plan to watch. This customizability has proven an invaluable aspect of online TV, particularly for customers seeking to reduce their TV bills drastically.

Customer Service

It’s essential to have efficient customer service when dealing with any TV service. Regarding traditional TV, viewers are typically left inadequately supported, whereas services provided by streaming providers are relatively flexible. They prioritize serving customers quickly and with the utmost professionalism. Furthermore, this type of personalized customer service is an added advantage that traditional TV lacks, and it is something that online TV services offer to their customers.


Streaming services have completely revolutionized the entertainment world. They offer viewers more flexibility and variety than traditional TV. Moreover, streaming services offer premium quality television, elimination of commercials, and improvements in billing, which have proven incredibly popular with viewers globally; and it is likely to see continued growth in the online TV industry.

With the many benefits that streaming TV provides, including accessibility, affordability, and convenience, and the increase in streaming subscription numbers, the future of entertainment appears to be intertwined with online television. As broadcast television becomes increasingly expensive and exclusive, streaming TV offers consumers a lower-cost, flexible, and more personalized option for entertainment that they can enjoy from the convenience of their own homes. So why not cut the cord and start streaming today?

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