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Why Political Documentaries are More Important Than Ever Before

The Importance of Political Documentaries

In a world of fake news, polarized politics, and divided citizens, the importance of political documentaries has become more significant than ever before. These films offer a window into the current political climate, exposing us to the facts and enlightening us about the issues at hand. Political documentaries have the power to inspire change and motivate action, providing a platform for marginalized voices to be heard and facilitating the understanding of complex issues. Here are a few reasons why political documentaries are more relevant and essential than ever before.

They Provide Context

Politics can be complicated, and it can be difficult to understand the motivations behind specific policies and political decisions. Political documentaries provide the necessary context to understand complex issues, allowing viewers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of politics and societal changes. They offer a detailed look at the personal, political, and economic factors that contribute to the complex challenges we face today. By providing a deeper understanding of complex and sensitive issues such as immigration, climate change, and gender equality, political documentaries help people understand why certain policies are necessary and why others are harmful.

They Expose Injustice

Political documentaries have the power to shed light on the social, economic, and political inequalities that exist in our society. They expose the injustices that are often overlooked by mainstream media, providing a platform for people to tell their stories and share their experiences. Additionally, documentaries reinforce the concept of the fourth estate as an instrument of public education and oversight, highlighting the importance of investigative reporting and the ethical role of journalists. Political documentaries have a powerful ability to bring attention to the issues that our society faces, reducing ignorance and prompting change.

They Empower Marginalized Voices

In a time when marginalized voices are often ignored or silenced, political documentaries amplify these voices and provide them with a platform for expression. They enable activists, whistleblowers, and other political actors to voice their perspectives and share their experiences. Through the documentary medium, the stories of the marginalized are brought to the forefront of public discussion, while also providing greater visibility to the ongoing efforts of the political dissidents and non-conformists who fight for human rights and the rule of law. Political documentaries empower individuals and inspire communities to take action, creating a sense of collective responsibility and hope.

They Push the Narrative Forward

Documentaries are often produced by filmmakers who are experts in their field, offering significant insight into the political and social landscape of the world. These films offer a unique perspective, providing a nuanced take on the issues at hand, while also challenging the mainstream narrative that is often presented in the media. They advance the conversation and provide critical analysis and accurate fact-checking to provide counter-arguments and different perspectives. Political documentaries encourage people to think critically, challenge preconceived notions and help to redefine the mainstream perception of reality.

Tips for Watching Political Documentaries

Political documentaries can be intense and challenging to watch, especially if they deal with heavy topics like war, oppression, or mass migration. Here are a few tips for watching these types of films:

Do Your Research – Before you watch a political documentary, do some research to understand the topic at hand. This will help you follow along with the story and identify the points being made.

Be Prepared – Prepare yourself mentally for what you are about to see. Remember that some films may be graphic or emotionally challenging.

Take Notes – Keep a notebook or journal nearby and take notes as you watch. This can help you understand the complexity of the issue and keep important facts and ideas in mind.

Watch with Others – Watch the film with others who are interested in the topic. This can spark important conversations and discussions.


Political documentaries have always played an essential role in our understanding of the world around us. They expose injustices, empower marginalized voices, and provide critical context and analysis on the pressing issues of the day. In our current political climate, we need these films more than ever to help us navigate the complexities of the world in which we live. From understanding the personal stories behind political injustices to providing paths for policy reform, political documentaries are an important aspect of political engagement that should not be overlooked.

Emily Thompson

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